2024 Bach Festival

The Seattle International Piano Festival (SIPF) is proud to present for the fifteenth iteration, the annual Bach Festival (online edition) for pianists and instrumentalists of any nationality, featuring works by Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as other Baroque masters. This competitive event was created to provide performing opportunities for those who wish to share their love of Bach’s revered music and to provide performers with constructive feedback from performing and teaching masters. Participants will receive educational evaluations by performing for adjudicators, and a chance to receive medals and certificates.

We are honored to continue the tradition of the annual Bach Festival by its original founder, Jennifer Bowman, and hope to preserve her artistic vision. The festival has always been a wonderful educational and artistic opportunity for pianists and violinists both locally and abroad, and our mission is to see that it becomes an anticipated event each year.

This festival sets forth narrowly defined age groups and specific genre groups so that participants may be fairly judged, and generously decorated.

There are no significant changes to the 2024 festival from the previous edition.


The form is set to accept applications starting July 1, 2024 at 12:00 pm, accepting credit cards for application fees and online signatures.

Bach Festival Rules, Guidelines, and Agreement

pdficonApplication Deadline: All applications must be completed by 9:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC/GMT-7), Monday, October 14, 2024. Click on the icon to the left to download a copy of the rules.

Bach Festival Guest Adjudicators

To be announced