2023 Bach Festival Results

We wish to thank our esteemed adjudicators, who painstakingly reviewed the prepared footage by our many participants. Although we are still compiling results in preparation for publishing, we wish to acknowledge their herculean efforts. Our thanks to our 2023 Bach Festival Adjudicators:











Update (December 10):

Instructions for medal distribution and delivery for prizewinners of the 2023 Bach Festival have been been sent out via email. Please read instructions carefully and check your bulk mail folder if you did not receive a copy. For questions, please write to kiwa mizutani @hotmail.com. Congratulations again to all participants of the 2023 Bach Festival.

Update (November 13):

Adjudicator comment sheets have been distributed via email. Be sure to check your spam folder. Our last update after this will outline the procedure for the distribution of physical medals. Stay tuned, and congratulations to all the participants, their families, and teachers.

Update (November 10):

Participant certificates and diplomas have been sent out via email. Be sure to check your spam folder. We are now preparing comment sheets for distribution via email. Once these are out, we will have a better timeline regarding the distribution of physical medals. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Update (November 9):

Let this page serve as our point of contact over the coming days as further updates are published.
Congratulations to the participants of the 14th Bach Festival! We have posted results below. If you cannot immediately find the participant’s name, do a quick browser search (cntrl F). Some names do not appear below. In the coming days, we will send out adjudicator feedback in the form of comment sheets, and diplomas. These will come to via the email you supplied on your application form. Refer back to this page for an update after all comment sheets and diplomas have been dispersed. Alert us at seattlepianointernational@gmail.com only after this time if you do not receive your sheets and diplomas.
We will return with another update regarding the distribution of medals in 2-4 weeks’ time.
As a reminder, all results are final and unappealable.
All participants are to be congratulated on your dedication and hard work! Congratulations to the performers, families, and many talented instructors that made this event possible. Browse below and find the video performances of the many distinguished gold medalists.

Age 7 and under, Baroque Works Catch-all (semi-competitive)

Distinguished Gold Star Performer: Adorace Liu [ link ]
Gold Star Performer(s): Ivy Ai, Andrew Cen, Isabella Fu, Ishan Jha, Jocelyn Ji, Astrid Kwan-Uchiyama, Eric Liang, Brady Liu, Meleda Miao, Kennedy Nguyen, Olivia Ni, Ruixue Ouyang, Cassandra Mae Ramos, Sara Raza, Chloe Shih, Evan Song, Liam Tan, Clement Tsai, Annabelle Wang, Daisy Wang, Ethan Wang, Elliott Wei, Terence Wu, Cindy Yang, Ellie Zhang, Yiming Zheng, Valerie Zhou, Walt Zhou, Wes Zhou, Jasper Zhu

Keyboard Division

Anna Magdalena Notebook

Ages 6 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Brielle Liu, Charlotte Wu, Chloe Zhang, Hannah Zhang
Silver Medalist(s): Abigail Guo, Bohuai Sang, Luoyuchen Zeng
Bronze Medalist(s): Olivia Han, April Wang
Age 7:
Gold Medalist(s): Laura Li, Cassandra Mae Ramos, Julien Wang, Ada Yu, Ethan Zhang
Silver Medalist(s): Ryan Fang, Weibo Gao, Aria Li, Aurora Ngo, Alice Yan
Bronze Medalist(s): Preston Chao, Alicia Pan, Watson She, Colleen Wang, Ethan Ye
Age 8:
Gold Medalist(s): Evan Guan, Skyler Ma, William Wang, Yunlei Wang, Evelyn Xu, Daniel Zhao
Silver Medalist(s): Aadhav Jagadish, Gabriel Laksberg, Gilbert Liu, Skye Lu, James Shi, Evan Wang
Bronze Medalist(s): Aahana Desai, Kavi Doran, Zayan Islam, Bessie Jiang, Andrew Mao, Alvin Zhong, Miranda Zhu
Age 9:
Gold Medalist(s): Isabella Liu, Shashank Srinivasan, Ella Wang
Silver Medalist(s): Ethan Lamb, Amber Shen, Elise Sulllivan, Katherine Zhu
Bronze Medalist(s): Millie Chanbai, Yunqi (Jayden) Chen, Marie Eki, Alexis Ni
Age 10:
Distinguished Gold Medalist(s): Bonnie Chen [ link ]
Gold Medalist(s): Aneesh Iyer, Eric Tian, Mylee Yang
Silver Medalist(s): Claire Fu, Ryder Ju, Adhiyan Kumaresan, Jeremy Lien
Bronze Medalist(s): Ahaan Hossain, Anaya Islam, Layla Jarjur, Nora Mo
Honorable Mention(s): Lucas Cui, Srivishnu Venkatesh
Age 11:
Gold Medalist(s): Amelia Chen, Jocelyn Chen, Aya Glass, Daniel Li
Silver Medalist(s): Aniruddh Ajay, Ira Banthia, Ari Chuvashov, Nathaniel Lowe-Norris
Bronze Medalist(s): Rameses Khambatti, Lakshan Nandha Kumar, Evelyn Valleroy, Zeyad Yakout
Honorable Mention(s): Maëlle Ahmad, Christopher Farag
Ages 12 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Lori Ma
Silver Medalist(s): Selah Lee, Khanh Pham
Bronze Medalist(s): Avni Pentam, Andy Yang
Honorable Mention(s): Jasmine Yakout, Claire Ye
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Zoe Glass
Silver Medalist(s): Ishika Kumar
Honorable Mention(s): Subhasheni Venkatesh
Adult, ages 19+
Gold Medalist(s): Jingyuan Luo

Little Preludes

Age 8 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Abby Chao, Vladislav Kalyuzhin, Rebecca Li, Elsa Zhou
Silver Medalist(s): Maxine Huang, Lucia Ng, Jacquline Shih, Micah Vranicar
Bronze Medalist(s): James Hu, Elliott Johnson, Ke Ni, Sunny Tsai, Jaden Yu
Age 9:
Gold Medalist(s): Hugo Dockter, Yiten Kueh, David Rondel, Lawrence Zhang, Lucas Zheng
Silver Medalist(s): Yi Chen, Vyaas Sudarshan, Allen Yang, Luoyuluo Zeng
Bronze Medalist(s): Stephen Liang, Dylan Yang, Samuel Yang, Andrew Zhang, Mia Zhou
Age 10:
Gold Medalist(s): Nirvaan Chauhan, Qian Shao, Alice Xiong
Silver Medalist(s): Estella Nguyen, Anthony Qiu, Priscilla Yohan
Bronze Medalist(s): Brian Chen, Dylan Kim, Fiona Zhan
Age 11:
Gold Medalist(s): Grace Kaiboriboon
Silver Medalist(s): Armen Dockter, Avery Kwan-Uchiyama
Bronze Medalist(s): Anuva Ibtesham, Diya Karthik, Jayden Li, Tulsi Niranjan, Madeleine Yee, Vivian Zhang
Ages 12 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Niya Fu
Silver Medalist(s): Madeline Knight
Bronze Medalist(s): Saanvi Tiwari
Honorable Mention(s): Caden Chau
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Emily He
Silver Medalist(s): Jian Zhou Chen, Sneha Sunil
Bronze Medalist(s): Cesar Perez

Two-Part Inventions

Age 8 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Harper Li, Caroline Zhang, Ellie Zhang
Silver Medalist(s): Colin Mak, Aya Minami, Isabella Nakazato
Bronze Medalist(s): Vivian Leung, Daniel Lu, Clement Tsai
Age 9:
Gold Medalist(s): Daniel Luan, Jamie Ma, Grace Sun
Silver Medalist(s): Zhixuan Lyu, Vidyut Prasad, Jayden Wang
Bronze Medalist(s): Caleb Casper, Arihant Chaudhuri, Kelvin Li
Honorable Mention(s): Aiden Dong, Yuhan Yao
Age 10:
Gold Medalist(s): Benjamin Podebrad, David Samuel, Eric Yang
Silver Medalist(s): Sasha Fedorov, Andika Muljadi, Jasper Wu, Harry Zhang
Bronze Medalist(s): Lucas Chen, Lucas Corcoro, Aden Huang, Wesley Wang
Age 11:
Gold Medalist(s): Mingxiang Gu, Sophia Hu, Aubrey Liang, Alexandria Shieh, Charity Yang, Sophia Zhao
Silver Medalist(s): Raegan Kim, Lydia Liu, Anya Parson, Calvin To
Bronze Medalist(s): Abigail Chow, Roma Westerman
Age 12:
Distinguished Gold Medalist(s): Charie Chang [ link ]
Gold Medalist(s): Lauren Chung, Ivy Mo
Silver Medalist(s): Antara Jagadish, Marcus Lo, Sophia Xu
Bronze Medalist(s): Samayra Lal, Marcus Qiu
Honorable Mention(s): Arjun Bhate, Fitzhugh McCullough, Shashwat Srinivasan, Aquila Wu, Luke Yuan
Age 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Jeana Jang, Felix Li
Silver Medalist(s): Nathan Kang, Pranav Karthik, Sadie Schoenfelder
Bronze Medalist(s): Ria Gupta, Adam Tsai
Honorable Mention(s): Arnav Bablani, Ihita Gupta, Lucas Ho
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Madelyn Kraemer, Demian Orlov
Silver Medalist(s): Cedric Denuit, Rachel Wu
Bronze Medalist(s): Christine Lien, Sarah Pradeep, Audrey Shieh
Honorable Mention(s): Aleksandra Borodina, Evelyn Hing

Three-Part Inventions (Sinfonias)

Age 9 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Adorace Liu
Silver Medalist(s): Raymond Zhou
Bronze Medalist(s): Alex Lin, Daniel Luan
Ages 10 to 11:
Gold Medalist(s): Angela Chang, Olivia Nakazato
Silver Medalist(s): Boya Chen, Yeh Pei Tung
Bronze Medalist(s): Vivien Lai, Kimi (Yunuo) Liu
Honorable Mention(s): Lucas Chang, Lillian Mergler
Ages 12 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Andrew Liang, Vishwa Ravichandhiran, Andrew Zhang
Silver Medalist(s): Brandon Li, Kevin Wang, Zihan Joyce Xu
Bronze Medalist(s): Nora Seide, Evan Sumanaseni, Yifan Yin
Honorable Mention(s): Ekaterina Grebennikova
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Peyton Chen, Oliver Laksberg, Kaia Sullivan
Silver Medalist(s): Janie Jang, Rishi Niranjan, Esther Sun
Bronze Medalist(s): Juliana Bury, Anastasia Gapesina, Sophia Zhu

Paired Two-Part and Three-Part Inventions

Ages 10 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Grace Lam

French Suites

Ages 10 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Erik Hu
Silver Medalist(s): Alex Tang, Jonathan Xie
Bronze Medalist(s): Jayce Brown, Arianne Zhang
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Seth Zeon
Silver Medalist(s): Sarah Youn
Bronze Medalist(s): Annie Shen
Adult, Age 19+:
Gold Medalist(s): Chun-Wei Chang

English Suites

Ages 10 to 13:
Distinguished Gold Medalist(s): Charles Miao [ link 1 ] [ link 2 ] [ link 3 ]
Gold Medalist(s): Andrew Sun-Zhuang
Silver Medalist(s): Yilin Tong
Bronze Medalist(s): Tiankai Wang
Adult, Age 19+:
Bronze Medalist(s): Anna Zhu

Keyboard Partitas

Ages 10 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Lucas Lee
Silver Medalist(s): Mia Pham
Bronze Medalist(s): Anna Li
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Ava Zhang

Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1

Age 9 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Molly Wu
Silver Medalist(s): Nicole Wang
Bronze Medalist(s): William Yu
Ages 10 to 11:
Gold Medalist(s): Lingxi Chen, Aaron Hsiao
Silver Medalist(s): Shiyun Ding, Charlotte Hayes
Bronze Medalist(s): Milo Johnston, Adalyn Ng
Ages 12 to 13:
Distinguished Gold Medalist(s): Nina Iorik [ link ]
Gold Medalist(s): Ever Sun, Connor Wang
Silver Medalist(s): Noah Casper, Hanen Guo, Simon Zhu
Bronze Medalist(s): Colin McHugh, Kylie Zhang, Victor Zhao
Honorable Mention(s): Miah Li, Audrey Zhang
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Estelle Kim, Radley Timajo, William Wang, Yuanrui Zhao
Silver Medalist(s): Princeton Kang, Dhruv Saini, Jeffrey Zhao
Bronze Medalist(s): Andrew Chen, Amanda Leung, Nicole Mok, Aadarsh Rao
Adult, Age 19+:
Gold Medalist(s): Kristine Larkin
Gold Medalist(s): David Berrocal-Barrios

Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2

Ages 10 to 13:
Distinguished Gold Medalist(s): William Feng [ link ]
Gold Medalist(s): Ziwen Gong
Bronze Medalist(s): Eva Akulova
Ages 14 to 18:
Distinguished Gold Medalist(s): Raditya Muljadi [ link ], Jason Nam [ link ]
Silver Medalist(s): Vivian Chang, Andrew Lu, Rebecca Sun, Mingyue Yang
Bronze Medalist(s): Benjamin Hu, Haifeng Lin, Cooper Swart


Ages 10 to 13:
Distinguished Gold Medalist(s): Ryan Zhu [ link ]
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Elaina Mergler
Silver Medalist(s): Bowen Leung

Italian Concerto

Ages 10 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Chloe Mergler
Silver Medalist(s): Emma Lu
Bronze Medalist(s): Kevin Song
Ages 14 to 18:
Silver Medalist(s): Freya Frahm

Miscellaneous Keyboard Works by Bach

Ages 9 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Steven Li, Brian Liang
Silver Medalist(s): Farrah Lee
Bronze Medalist(s): Catherine Dong
Ages 10 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Helene Chen, Yunfei (Joanna) Huang, Austin Miao, Alexander Wang
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Mingni Fu, Xiyuan Carol Gong
Silver Medalist(s): Azeem Egizi, Hannah Trinh
Bronze Medalist(s): Frank Ouyang, Tilman Seide

Keyboard Concerti

Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Evan Thomas Lam

Baroque Keyboard Masters

Ages 9 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Kinsley Cao, Heidi Li, Leo Sun, May Xu
Silver Medalist(s): Sophie Qin, Mia Shi
Bronze Medalist(s): Celine Huang, Amaris Li, Sofia Raza, Isabella Zhang
Ages 10:
Gold Medalist(s): Jiaqiao Gu, Andrea Yang
Silver Medalist(s): Amy Sun, Molly Xu
Bronze Medalist(s): Sean Adam, Catherine Ji
Ages 11 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Sungho Cho, Ian Fung, Catherine Tang
Silver Medalist(s): Naomi Baumann, Enrique Corona, Raphael Denuit
Bronze Medalist(s): Julia Huang, Jack Kramer, Mugdha Singh
Honorable Mention(s): Advika Ajay, Lucas Omdal, Kashvi Takrani, JingYan Xu
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Jonah Utzman
Silver Medalist(s): Hongchen Duan
Bronze Medalist(s): Abhinav Iyer

Instrumental Division

Baroque Works from Suzuki

Ages 9 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Ann Chen, Chloe Liu, Austin Wu
Silver Medalist(s): Adrian Liang
Ages 10 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Eric Lou
Silver Medalist(s): Luke Hua

Baroque Sonatas & Partitas for Strings

Ages 9 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Zoe Xu
Ages 10 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Nathaniel Chung, Oliver Tan
Silver Medalist(s): Iris Liu, Dylan Shea
Bronze Medalist(s): Ethan Li, Rafael Yang
Honorable Mention(s): Charie Chang, Kiana Lee
Ages 14 to 18:
Distinguished Gold Medalist(s): Yuna Jeon [ link 1 ] [ link 2 ]
Gold Medalist(s): Calvin Chang, Emma Le Metzger
Silver Medalist(s): Florence Qiang, Lucy Stevenson, Vivian Tang
Bronze Medalist(s): Karis Lee, Lauren Lee
Honorable Mention(s): Lucia Bury, Mary Lee, Tara Saini

Baroque Sonatas & Partitas for Winds

Ages 9 and under:
Gold Medalist(s): Chloe Wu
Ages 10 to 13:
Silver Medalist(s): Kayla Hua
Bronze Medalist(s): Chloe Cao
Ages 14 to 18:
Gold Medalist(s): Hannah Ma
Silver Medalist(s): Ziyun Pei
Bronze Medalist(s): Flora Yang
Honorable Mention(s): Irisia Eagan

Baroque Concerti for Instrumentalists

Ages 9 and under:
Silver Medalist(s): Vivienne Shea
Ages 10 to 13:
Gold Medalist(s): Chanseop Yoon
Silver Medalist(s): Iris Liu
Bronze Medalist(s): Kiana Lee
Ages 14 to 18:
Silver Medalist(s): Micah Crose