Since 2010, the Seattle International Piano Festival (SIPF) continues its tradition of educational and competitive events for regional pianists and violinists.

All pianists, violinists, and chamber musicians of all ages and nationalities are encouraged to participate. These competitive events were created to provide performing opportunities and educational benefit for those who wish to share their love of the major style periods and to provide performers with constructive feedback from leading performing and teaching masters. Participants will receive educational evaluations by performing for adjudicators, and a chance to receive ribbons and trophies during this competitive event.

These festival activities sets forth narrowly defined age groups and/or categories so that they may be fairly judged, and generously decorated. Visit their respective pages for more details regarding these individual Northwest Festival events. The festivals are as follows:

  • Bach Festival — annually, during early autumn
  • Classical “Viennese” Festival — annually, during February or March
  • Virtuoso Festival — annually, traditionally during spring. This replaces the SIPF’s old Romantic and Contemporary Festivals.

NW Festival Committee:

  • Maxwell Adkisson
  • Chelsea Bloomberg
  • Renny Ko