2016 Virtuoso Festival Results

Piano Solo Division

Ages 8 and under
Age 9
Age 10
Age 11
Age 12
Age 13 to 14
Age 15
Age 16
Ages 17 to 18
Ages 19 and above

Violin Solo Division
Ages 8 and under
Ages 9 to 10
Ages 11 to 12
Ages 13 to 14
Ages 15 to 16

Chamber Music Division

Ages 13 and under

Results will be posted on or shortly after April 2

Piano Solo Division, Ages 8 and under

Gold Medalist(s): Harrison Li, Adalia Wen, Ashley Zong
Silver Medalist(s): Lorenzo Beltran, Xiyuan Carol Gong, Jamie Juan, Adelle Li, Emiliana Muñoz Navarro
Honorable Mention(s): Justin Chen, Ethan Huber, Alina Popovciuc

Piano Solo Division, Age 9

Gold Medalist(s): Ethan Go, Rebecca Sun, Audric Radley Timajo
Silver Medalist(s): Alesia Levchenko, Sophie Li, Jacob Yuen

Piano Solo Division, Age 10

Gold Medalist(s): August Baik, Stefan Chita, Sarah Zong
Silver Medalist(s): Miles Chanbai, Kristina Didenko, Travis Lee, Ava Safaeian, Madison Yeon
Honorable Mention(s): Emilio Dacanay, William Hartshorn, Ebru Serce, Oscar Tang, Patrick Zhu

Piano Solo Division, Age 11

Gold Medalist(s): Ana Howland, Young Park, Colin Sica
Silver Medalist(s): Claire Ching, Marcelus Dacanay, Esther Liu, Alexandru Popov, Helen Xie

Piano Solo Division, Age 12

Gold Medalist(s): Scott Fisher Jr., Claire Ku, David Neese
Silver Medalist(s): Caleb Bilti, Claire Kim, Eileen Kim, Liam Ryan, Jaden Zhang
Honorable Mention(s): Veronica Cifuentes, Alisa Malova, Winnie Wu

Piano Solo Division, Ages 13 to 14

Gold Medalist(s): Dylan Go, Arthur Yan, Connor Zhang
Silver Medalist(s): Nile Camai, Paige Everling, Alan Fan, Thomas Fung, Maxwell Wang
Honorable Mention(s): Sophia Beams, Ysabella Dacanay, Heon Jwa

Piano Solo Division, Age 15

Gold Medalist(s): Shichu Liu, Andrew Ma, Robert Yan
Silver Medalist(s): Angela Lin, Robert Yee, Kevin Yip
Honorable Mention(s): Emily Huang, Catherine Oei

Piano Solo Division, Age 16

Gold Medalist(s): Kyran Adams, Alex Camai, Catherine Kok

Piano Solo Division, Ages 17 to 18

Gold Medalist(s): Emily Koya, Isabelle Li, Tiffany Shen
Silver Medalist(s): Aimee Roseberry

Piano Solo Division, Ages 19 and above

Gold Medalist(s): Stephanie Shadbolt

Violin Solo Division, Ages 8 and under

Gold Medalist(s): Oyku Calargun

Violin Solo Division, Ages 9 to 10

Gold Medalist(s): Chloe Cho
Silver Medalist(s): Crystal Chen

Violin Solo Division, Ages 11 to 12

Gold Medalist(s): Ariel Chang
Silver Medalist(s): Josh Peng

Violin Solo Division, Ages 13 to 14

Gold Medalist(s): Rachel Joshua
Silver Medalist(s): Thomas Shen

Violin Solo Division, Ages 15 to 16

Gold Medalist(s): William Shen

Chamber Division, Ages 13 and below

Gold Medalist(s): Young Park & Claire Kim (piano, 4-hands)