2024 Seattle International Piano Competition Application Form

This is the entry form to apply as a participant in the 2024 Seattle International Piano Competition. Before you apply, ensure that you have gathered all necessary materials, which includes:

  1. Complete personal data and contact info
  2. Biographical profile (limited number of characters) for use in the final round program
  3. Hi-res photo (preferably 800 x 1000 pixels, full color)
  4. Typed track list for submission into the preliminary round along with respective video links
  5. Prepared video links
  6. A valid credit card

After the application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the data you submitted. If you find errors, please write to seattlepianointernational@gmail.com so we can amend your application.

Note that this form will be rendered inactive 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7:00) on June 1, 2024.

Only a legal adult, age 18 or more, may complete this form.