2015 Virtuoso Festival Results

Piano Solo Division

Ages 8 and under
Age 9
Age 10
Ages 11 to 12
Age 13
Age 14
Ages 15 to 16
Ages 17 to 18
Ages 19 and above

Violin Solo Division

Ages 9-10
Ages 11-12
Ages 13-14
Ages 16-17

Chamber Music Division

Ages 14 to 18

Grand Prix

Ages 10 to 18

Results will be posted on or shortly after May 17

Piano Solo Division, Ages 8 and under

First Place: Constantina Tsang
Second Place: Catherine Xie
Third Place: William Wang
Honorable Mention(s): Alex Zhao

Piano Solo Division, Age 9

First Place: Sarah Zong
Second Place: Atiwit “Miles” Chanbai
Third Place: Minh Pham
Honorable Mention(s): Meiling Larson, Travis Lee

Piano Solo Division, Age 10

First Place: Shuai Shuai Li
Second Place: Carson Ling-Efird
Third Place: Young Park
Honorable Mention(s): Maco Dacanay, Aparna Srinidhi Jagannathan, Esther Liu, Zoey Wong

Piano Solo Division, Ages 11 to 12

First Place: Adrian King
Second Place: David Neese
Third Place: Daniella Tsang
Honorable Mention(s): Claire Ching, Victor Hu, Liam Ryan, Arthur Yan

Piano Solo Division, Age 13

First Place: Thomas Fung
Second Place (split): Steve Silverberg, Connor Zhang
Third Place (split): Nile Camai, Nicholas Chin
Honorable Mention(s): Lucinda King, Martin Shi

Piano Solo Division, Age 14

First Place: Justin Zhu Cai
Second Place: Andrew Ma
Third Place: Emily Huang
Honorable Mention(s): Derek Bui, Sichu Liu, Catherine Oei, Larry Wang, Robert Yee

Piano Solo Division, Ages 15 to 16

First Place (split): Mya King, Christopher Richardson
Second Place: Alex Camai
Third Place: Millicent McFall
Honorable Mention(s): Yilong Tang

Piano Solo Division, Ages 17 to 18

Second Place (split): Yeehyun Jwa, Gordon Lee
Third Place: Yuhan Chua

Piano Solo Division, Ages 19 and above

First Place: Theodore Lim
Second Place: Alex Stabile
Third Place: Toni Langlinais
Honorable Mention(s): Joan Romano

Piano Solo Division, Collegiate

First Place: Lewis Thompson
Second Place: Hui-Yin Ho

Violin Solo Division, Ages 9-10

First Place: Josh Peng

Violin Solo Division, Ages 11-12

First Place: Cathy Wu

Violin Solo Division, Ages 13-14

First Place: Thomas Shen

Violin Solo Division, Ages 15-16

First Place: William Shen

Chamber Music, Ages 14 to 18

First Place: Kyran Adams and Hannah Kim, piano, 4-hands

Grand Prix

Gold Medal: Christopher Richardson
Gold Medal: Casey Sim
Silver Medal: Kyran Adams
Silver Medal: Christopher Erling
Silver Medal: Robert Yan