2023 Classical Viennese Festival

Feb 13 Rules Addendum:

– Single movements are not subject to the time limits shown; however, multiple submitted movements must adhere to the total duration time cap shown within each participation group (for example, Piano Sonatas by Beethoven – 9 min)

The Seattle International Piano Festival (SIPF) is proud to present the twelfth annual Classical Viennese Festival (recorded video edition) for pianists, and now inviting all instrumental performers. Participants of any nationality may participate. This competitive event was created to showcase classical and pre-classical sonata forms. Important for clarity and formal understanding, the sonata and related classical forms are often neglected or underrepresented in competitive events, and to provide performers with constructive feedback from performing and teaching masters. Participants will receive educational evaluations by performing for adjudicators, and a chance to receive certificates and medals during this competitive event.

This festival sets forth a number of age groups (now divided by 1-year brackets), as well as several narrowly defined performance categories so that they may be fairly judged, and generously decorated.

The 2023 Classical Viennese Festival is conducted exclusively by video recording submission. Those familiar with previous years should review the rules for the 2023 carefully, as there are a number of lesser and more significant changes. These include:

  • Open registration for all instrumentalists, including smaller performance divisions for non-pianists (pre-classical sonatas, classical sonatas, miscellaneous classical works, classical variations, duos/duets, and instrumental classical concerti)
  • Age categories by one year brackets, as well as collegiate, professional, and adult amateur participation groups
  • Clarified rules and application form
  • Elimination of spoken introduction requirement (links must bear the performer’s name in the title and/or contents area)
  • As usual, video links from our distinguished gold medalists will be displayed on the winners’ page
  • As usual, distribution of certificates and comment sheets will be exclusively digital via email communication; physical medal distribution will take place at a time and manner to be published after results are released
  • Results will be published on or shortly after April 11

2023 Classical Viennese Festival General Rules and Application

pdficonApplication Deadline: All applications must be completed by 9:00 pm, Monday, March 13, Tuesday, March 28, 2023 Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8). Click on the icon to the left to download a copy of the rules.




2023 Classical Viennese Festival Adjudicators: