2014 Bach Festival Results

Youth, Ages 9 and under
Youth, Ages 10 to 13
Youth, Ages 14 to 18
Adult Division

Ages 9 and under

Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook – single works
First Place: Travis Lee
Second Place: Harrison Li
Third Place: Taylor Lai
Honorable Mentions: Katelyn Kim, Ryan Wang

Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook – double works
First Place: August Baik
Second Place: Ella Sumanaseni
Third Place: Sara Lin
Honorable Mentions: Isaac Cho, Emmy Yang, Felix Yu

Little Preludes
First Place: Vincent Chen
Second Place: Rebecca Sun
Third Place: Daniel Jung
Honorable Mention: Trinity Lee

First Place: Mia Chen
Second Place: Sophie Li
Third Place: Carson Ling-Efird
Honorable Mentions: Thomas Huynh, Constantina Tsang, Madison Yeon

First Place: Rio Koya

French Suites
First Place: Minh Pham
Second Place: William Johnson
Third Place: Samuel Yi

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1
First Place: Shuai Shuai Li
Second Place: Kristen Han

First Place: Ashlyn Huber

Ages 10 to 13

Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook
First Place: Apollo Zhang
Second Place: Maggie Duan
Third Place: Daniel Yevtushenko
Honorable Mention: Margaret He

Little Preludes
Honorable Mentions: Claire Ching, Emily Huang

First Place: Ryan Huang
Second Place: Dylan Vu
Third Place: Kayla Clark
Honorable Mentions: Gabrielle Hoecherl, Claire Tao, Maxwell Wang

Honorable Mentions: Sophia Beams, Andrea Lee, Sophia Ling, Sophie Wu

French Suites
First Place: Lawrence Ro
Second Place: Catherine Oei
Third Place: Alan Fan
Honorable Mention: Ivy Xu

English Suites
First Place: Arthur Yan
Second Place: Connor Zhang

First Place: Daniella Tsang
Second Place: Michael Duan

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1
First Place: Jeremy Lin
Second Place: Andrea Liao
Third Place: Megan Tan
Honorable Mentions: Nicole Wang, Amanda Weaver

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 2
Second Place: Ellen Li
Third Place: Lucinda King

Keyboard Arrangements of Works by Other Composers
First Place: Caroline Oei
Second Place: Stephanie Xu
Third Place: Thomas Fung

Violin Works
First Place: Casey Lin

Miscellaneous Works
Honorable Mentions: Michelle Lee, Liam Ryan, Aaron Xu

Ages 14 to 18

Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook
First Place: Audrewy Rossbach

Little Preludes
First Place: Trevor Johnson
Second Place: Evelina Kilyukh
Third Place: Juan Villegas-Sotelo

First Place: Trevor Johnson
Second Place: Theodore Chau

First Place: Preston Lee
Second Place: Justin Qiu

French Suites
First Place: Gordon Lee
Second Place: Grace Phan

English Suites
First Place: Samuel Abramson

First Place: Jonathan Staley
Second Place: Miriam Rundell

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1
First Place: Judy Zhu
Second Place: Bryan Zhao
Third Place: Leah Dobald
Honorable Mention: Tiffany Shen

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 2
First Place: Shannon Cassady
Second Place: Andrew Barnwell
Third Place: Andrew Liu
Honorable Mentions: Alex Camai, Alex Elizarov, Mya King, Gwendolyn Miller

First Place: Erica Li
Second Place: Wilhelmina Esary
Third Place: Emily Koya

Keyboard Arrangements of Works by Other Composers
First Place: Tasha Mok

Violin Works
First Place: Peter Yang

Miscellaneous Works
First Place: Ivan Penev


First Place: Mary Wiser

Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue
First Place: Russel Frank