Seattle International Piano Competition

The flagship event of the SIPF, the bi-annual Seattle International Piano Competition has decorated aspiring pianists of all ages and nationalities since 2008. Unique among competitions around the world, the SIPF piano competition encourages pianists of all ages to seek his or her personal niche and voice, with the freedom to select repertoire without specific requirements.

Singled out in 2010 by the WSJ as one of the world’s most inclusive competitions, the SIPC continues to provide one of the most equitable opportunities for artistic recognition in the world. Participants of all ages and nationalities may apply.

With over $15K USD in total prize money, Seattle International Piano Competition is one of the only piano competitions in the world conducted entirely blind by an impartial jury devoid of interest conflicts. The 10th edition takes place in 2024. This two-round competition is conducted with an online pre-recorded preliminary round and a live final round for six to eight chosen finalists in each category.


Deadline: June 1 June 30, 2024

Virtuoso Artists Fest Int'l

Celebrating the works of the romantic, impressionistic, and contemporary musical eras, the Virtuoso Artists Festival opens its doors to pianists and instrumentalists of the world. Recently revised and expanded, this inclusive educational festival aims to inspire youth and adult musicians, as well as collegiate and professional artists, to create and share their artistry from anywhere in the world – even from his or her living room through pre-recorded YouTube video links.

The SIPF provides within its friendly and accessible format an outlet to express one’s inner voice through the performance of 19th century and later masterworks. This online festival is open to participants of all ages and nationalities.

Bach Festival International

The annual online Bach Festival for pianists and instrumentalists of any nationality, features the works by Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as other Baroque masters. This competitive event was created to provide performing opportunities for those who wish to share their love of Bach’s revered music and to provide performers with constructive feedback from performing and teaching masters. 

This festival sets forth narrowly defined age groups and specific genre groups so that participants may be fairly judged, and generously decorated. The Bach Festival is open to participants of all ages and nationalities.


Classical Viennese Fest Int'l

The SIPF’s Classical Viennese Festival was created to showcase classical and pre-classical sonata forms. Important for clarity and formal understanding, the sonata and related classical forms are often neglected or underrepresented in competitive events, and to provide performers with constructive feedback from performing and teaching masters. Participants will receive educational evaluations by performing for adjudicators, and a chance to receive certificates and medals during this competitive event.

This online festival sets forth a number of age groups, as well as several narrowly defined performance categories so that they may be fairly judged, and generously decorated. This festival is open to pianists and instrumentalists of all ages and nationalities.

Deadline: June 17, 2024

Deadline: October 28, 2024

Deadline: March, 2025

The purpose of the Seattle International Piano Festival is to bring Northwest audiences outstanding pianists and piano pedagogues from around the world. Within its focus, the SIPF features an annual festival, which frames an international piano competition amid performances and masterclasses by guest artists from the Northwest and beyond. Throughout the year, SIPF also organizes local festivals as well as a concert series.

The goals of the SIPF are to support and encourage pianists of all ages, foster appreciation of the art of great piano playing, and showcase lesser known repertoires and performance styles. The SIPF works with similar organizations and individuals to support events and programs that promote excellence in piano education and performance art.

The SIPF confers recognition to outstanding artists solely and exclusively by merit.

The Seattle International Piano Festival is 501(c)(3) charitable organization.