Kiwa MizutaniKiwa Mizutani

Kiwa Mizutani is a concert pianist and piano teacher who holds a Master of Music and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Washington. She studied under the guidance of Dr. Robin McCabe. Originally from the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, Kiwa moved to the United States nine years ago to pursue a career in piano performance after completing her studies at Ueno Gakuen Music School in Tokyo. She received instruction from Willard Schultz in Seattle and Mieko Yanagihara in Japan.

Kiwa is very active in performing as a pianist. Recently, she played as a soloist with the University Ensemble on Classical King FM Radio. In 2022, she achieved first prize in the American Prize in Piano Performance. In 2020, she received an honorable mention in the National Young Artists’ competition. Kiwa also secured first place in the UW School of Music Concerto competition, where she performed Mozart’s piano concerto with the UW Symphony and McDowell’s concerto with Philharmonia Northwest. She has collaborated with the University of Washington Wind Ensemble, participating in piano concertos. Additionally, Kiwa has extensive experience performing in recitals and private gatherings, such as a dinner party for the Masada Children’s Fund and the University Rotary.