2019 Bach Festival

The Seattle International Piano Festival (SIPF) is proud to present for the tenth year the Bach Festival for pianists and violinists of any nationality, featuring works by Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as other Baroque masters.

This competitive event was created to provide performing opportunities for those who wish to share their love of Bach’s revered music and to provide performers with constructive feedback from performing and teaching masters. Participants will receive educational evaluations by performing for adjudicators, and a chance to receive medals and certificates.

  • Date of Festival: All day, Sunday, September 29
  • Deadline: 11:59 pm, Thursday, September 19
  • Complete Details: visit the Bach Festival page.

Changes from the 2018 Bach Festival

  • Baroque Keyboard Masters. Piano only. Any composition or combination of pieces by Baroque keyboard composers other than Bach (no pre-classic composers such as Rameau or Scarlatti).