Bachfest is Coming!

Why Bach?

Friday, September 18 marks the deadline for the 2015 Bach Festival. There is still time for participants to enter. This marks the sixth year the SIPF has presented this festival for regional pianists and violinists. The music of J. S. Bach represents one of the pinnacle achievements of humankind in art. But do we really need any other excuse to study, perform, and love his music?

Those wishing to enter can find complete details about participating here. The application form can be found here.

What do we get for entering?

If you are a pianist or violinist and are interested in applying, just like with SIPF’s many other NW Festivals, participants have the opportunity to compete for prizes, including trophies and certificates. Each participant may also attend guest artist recital, María Manzano, immediately following the festival day for free (see more here).

Furthermore, each participant is given a voucher for one ticket to attend any of the many events of the Seattle Int’l Piano Festival and Competition during October 16-19. Reserve these dates and refer to the itinerary here for a complete schedule.

Taking place every two years, how often does one get to hear over 35 aspiring artists (already top pianists in their category) from around the world right in our home town? During each edition, the SIPF hosts a truly international event, inviting top artists to compete live at Benaroya Hall. How better can one obtain inspiration? It is a remarkable event, and attendees can participate by casting ballots for their favorite artist during the festival.

The Bach Festival takes place at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart at 4800 139th Ave SE in Bellevue all day on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Those participants taking part should plan to be available to perform at any time during the morning, afternoon, and early evening hours.

Application deadline: Friday, September 18, 2015 at 11:59 pm.
For more information: