Bach Festival 2015Dear participants, families, and instructors,

The link below on the the Seattle Int’l Piano Festival’s website contains partial detail for the upcoming Virtuoso Festival on Sunday, May 21 from 9 am to 6 pm. Note that complete programs are not yet available, but enough information is published to provide the important where’s and when’s of the event.

Please use your browser’s CNTRL-F function to more easily find relevant names. By Friday, May 19, the website will be updated with the full detail of programming, but no change in published the schedule. However, it will be important to check back again in case any important additional information will be forthcoming.

We look forward to hosting the event and hearing the many wonderful performances and your hard work.

Festival Itinerary and Detail

Good luck!

Dr. Ivona Kaminska and Dr. Christopher Bowlby
Executive Board, SIPF