May 15 has been the printed date for the seventh Seattle International Piano Competition deadline. The SIPF announces the change to July 7. Participants still have the remainder of May as well as June to make preparations for entry.

Free of specific programming requirements, this two-round competition offers developing artists of all ages the opportunity to make a truly personal mark on the concert stage. Round one consists of a recording submittal of any repertoire the pianist chooses. If invited to Seattle as a finalist, a competitor may select a short program of solo works that defines oneʼs unique strengths and allows his or her most eloquent artistry to shine through. All rules and application materials may be found online at

Open to all ages, competitive participants need only prepare up to twenty minutes of music during the final round. Competitors perform before a panel of distinguished international jurors for cash prizes, future performing opportunities, and other distinctions. Finalists perform in the beautiful and prestigious Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall, in downtown Seattle. The final round of the 2017 Seattle International Piano Competition takes place during the events of the Festival, September 29 – October 2.

Singled out in 2010 by the WSJ as one of the world’s most inclusive competitions, the SIPC continues to provide one of the most equitable opportunities for artistic recognition in the world.


  • Youth, ages 9 and under 9 — up to 8 unranked gold medalists
  • Outstanding Amateur — up to 8 unranked gold medalists
  • Youth, age 10-13 — gold medal, $800 cash; silver medal, $400 cash; bronze medal, $250 cash
  • Youth, age 14-18 — gold medal, $1,000 cash; age 14-18″ silver medal, $500 cash; bronze medal, $300 cash
  • Collegiate — gold medal, $3,000 cash; silver medal, $1,500 cash; bronze medal, $1,000 cash
  • Professional — gold medal, $3,000 cash; silver medal, $1,500 cash; bronze medal, $1,000 cash


  • PRESIDENTʼS ARTIST PRIZE ($1,000 cash, and a feature recital in 2017) for the best performance of a work by Frederic Chopin by a professional or collegiate artist awarded by the SIPF president.
  • PRESIDENTʼS YOUTH PRIZE ($500 cash) for the best performance of a work by Frederic Chopin by a youth artist.
  • PLUS other non-cash prizes, including audience favorite (in each category), teachers’ favorite (in each category), and best performance of an etude by Chopin, a prelude by Mompo, a sonata by D. Scarlatti, and/or a bagatelle by Beethoven.


  • Top semi-finalists will be invited to perform during the 2017 Seattle International Piano Festival and take part in master classes with international jurors and guest artists.


  • All winners, finalists and semi-finalists will be listed on the website
  • Instructors of all finalists and winners will also be listed on the Master Teachers page.


Participants must prepare .mp3 or .m4a file audio that conforms to our specifications for upload.

Competition Rules page

Competition application form