11:59 pm on June 30 Pacific Time marks the deadline for entry in the Seattle International Piano Competition. Participants must prepare a free program (no minimum number of works or required style periods). The preliminary round is conducted by a blind selection committee from video links. The purpose of video is for staff confirmation only; no committee listening member has access to video footage.

Here are some tips, rules, and guidelines when preparing your video links for submission (due at the time of application).

  • Audio quality is the most important! Ensure your audio is of sufficient quality to convey the details and qualities of the performer
  • Most video recorders’ built in microphone setup is poor for this purpose, compressing audio and “flattening” the sound; strongly consider an external recording source for your audio
  • Video quality needn’t be production-quality clarity; it need only show the performer’s hands and face
  • The video angle must be fixed, and clearly show the performer’s hands and face at all times
  • Do not identify yourself! Do not speak or include voices or other identifiers in the audio. Naturally, your links may have whatever text you wish; the listening panel will not see these
  • The performance must commence within the first 5 seconds of footage; our committee’s time is valuable, and they have many entries to review throughout the months of June and July
  • Include a separate link for each work that you submit; or at the least, chapter marks to easily identify starting points of different works on a single long video

Most importantly, make sure your links are openly accessible without special passwords or account privileges! Your entry cannot be selected if the panel cannot hear your performance