We with to thank Oksana Ezhokina, Robert Satterlee, and Regina Yeh for their outstanding service and expert reviews of the many wonderful participants of this year’s event. We would like to also congratulate each of the participants and their teachers for preparing so well and representing the music of this most deserving of composers. Thank you also to our volunteers, namely Caleb and Tasha Mok, Yingzi Le and Esenih Camai as well as Nile and Alex Camai. Thanks so much especially to Laura Jeon and Samuel Byun for spearheading the coordination of the event.

 Lastly, it is our pleasure to announce the award winners of the 2014 Bach Festival. Due to the fact that the SIPF’s website is undergoing a makeover, the results will not be posted there for some time. We can, however, announce them here.

 Ages 9 and under

Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook – single works
First Place: Travis Lee
Second Place: Harrison Li
Third Place: Taylor LaiHon
orable Mentions: Katelyn Kim, Ryan Wang

Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook – double works
First Place: August Baik
Second Place: Ella Sumanaseni
Third Place: Sara Lin
Honorable Mentions: Isaac Cho, Emmy Yang, Felix Yu

Little Preludes
First Place: Vincent Chen
Second Place: Rebecca Sun
Third Place: Daniel Jung
Honorable Mention: Trinity Lee

First Place: Mia Chen
Second Place: Sophie Li
Third Place: Carson Ling-Efird
Honorable Mentions: Thomas Huynh, Constantina Tsang, Madison Yeon

First Place: Rio Koya

French Suites
First Place: Minh Pham
Second Place: William Johnson
Third Place: Samuel Yi

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1
First Place: Shuai Shuai Li
Second Place: Kristen Han

First Place: Ashlyn Huber

Ages 10-13

Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook
First Place: Apollo Zhang
Second Place: Maggie Duan
Third Place: Daniel Yevtushenko
Honorable Mention: Margaret He

Little Preludes
Honorable Mentions: Claire Ching, Emily Huang

First Place: Ryan Huang
Second Place: Dylan Vu
Third Place: Kayla Clark
Honorable Mentions: Gabrielle Hoecherl, Claire Tao, Maxwell Wang

Honorable Mentions: Sophia Beams, Andrea Lee, Sophia Ling, Sophie Wu

French Suites
First Place: Lawrence Ro
Second Place: Catherine Oei
Third Place: Alan Fan
Honorable Mention: Ivy Xu

English Suites
First Place: Arthur Yan
Second Place: Connor Zhang

First Place: Daniella Tsang
Second Place: Michael Duan

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1
First Place: Jeremy Lin
Second Place: Andrea Liao
Third Place: Megan Tan
Honorable Mentions: Nicole Wang, Amanda Weaver

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 2
Second Place: Ellen Li
Third Place: Lucinda King

Keyboard Arrangements of Works by Other Composers
First Place: Caroline Oei
Second Place: Stephanie Xu
Third Place: Thomas Fung

Violin Works
First Place: Casey Lin

Miscellaneous Works
Honorable Mentions: Michelle Lee, Liam Ryan, Aaron Xu

Ages 14-18

Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook
First Place: Audrewy Rossbach

Little Preludes
First Place: Trevor Johnson
Second Place: Evelina Kilyukh
Third Place: Juan Villegas-Sotelo

First Place: Trevor Johnson
Second Place: Theodore Chau

First Place: Preston Lee
Second Place: Justin Qiu

French Suites
First Place: Gordon Lee
Second Place: Grace Phan

English Suites
First Place: Samuel Abramson

First Place: Jonathan Staley
Second Place: Miriam Rundell

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 1
First Place: Judy Zhu
Second Place: Bryan Zhao
Third Place: Leah Dobald
Honorable Mention: Tiffany Shen

Well-Tempered Clavier, book 2
First Place: Shannon Cassady
Second Place: Andrew Barnwell
Third Place: Andrew Liu
Honorable Mentions: Alex Camai, Alex Elizarov, Mya King, Gwendolyn Miller

First Place: Erica Li
Second Place: Wilhelmina Esary
Third Place: Emily Koya

Keyboard Arrangements of Works by Other Composers
First Place: Tasha Mok

Violin Works
First Place: Peter Yang

Miscellaneous Works
First Place: Ivan Penev


First Place: Mary Wiser

Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue
First Place: Russel Frank