2019 Bach Festival Program and Itinerary

Important Foreword: This year’s festival has attracted an overwhelming number of performers (264!). While this is very good that interest in these type of events is increasing, it also means the scheduling demands and pressure upon our judges is more challenging than ever before. The festival day now spans almost twelve hours between 8:00 am and 7:15 pm. In the future, the SIPF will likely impose a cap upon the number of participants in.

Please help us to ensure this event runs smoothly.

  • Please review all rules.
  • Read the entire text prefacing the schedule (this document).
  • Study all locations to make sure you are clear where to go (this is difficult for first-timers).
  • Arrive to the event on time (missing your time slot will disqualify you from performing).
  • Vacate the performance venue immediately after the close of a group (All awards are distributed downstairs in the Sacred Heart Center — head there immediately after your group’s performance).
  • Remain quiet in and immediately outside all performance spaces.

To the performers of the 2019 Bach Festival, their families, teachers, and guest attendants,

We are delighted to announce the program and the participants positions in the festival on Sunday, September 29 at Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. Be sure to use your computer’s search function after downloading the itinerary when looking for your name and times before asking the SIPF staff.

Due to the overwhelming number of participants this year the Bach Festival takes place over an extended day in order to accommodate everyone. We see many new participants this year, so it is important to read all information here thoroughly. As a reminder, the Bach Festival has no on-site check in. Simply know the information contained herein and your schedule.

Again, if you can’t immediately find the information you seek, conduct a browser search. Due to the number, there are even participants of different age groups that share the same first and last name!


Google Maps to Forest Ridge: here
Program and Schedule: here
Forest Ridge Campus Map: here

When you arrive on the campus of Forest Ridge, locate Sacred Heart Center (building 700) near the lower parking lot. Inside you will find the Chapel on the upper level, and next to this building, Lee Theatre (building 600). Be sure to allow extra time to arrive, especially if this is your first time to the campus of Forest Ridge. Simply go directly to the performance space ready to perform. There is no check-in during the 2019 Bach Festival. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the procedures of the festival. Refer to the 2019 rules, and the information provided below.

Awards will take place 15-25 minutes following each performing event. Presentation of the awards can be found on the lower level (down the stairs from the Chapel) inside Sacred Heart Center (building 700). Simply know the location, start and ending time of your group and plan to be present. You are not required to remain in attendance for the entire duration of your performing category, but make a point to return for awards after the conclusion. Maps and complete information have been provided in the links above. No program booklets will be available during the event. Refer to the program and schedule below, or print a physical copy for yourself. Requests to change the given schedule and/or order will be denied.


When making your way to Forest Ridge:

  • arrive 20-30 minutes prior to anticipated performance time (or at the start of the entire group if you prefer to hear the entire division in which you entered)
  • pre-plan your route to Forest Ridge (Somerset can be confusing)
  • locate your venue and best parking option (lower parking lot is best)


  • ensure you have legal copies of your music with measures numbered at the start of each line
  • if your music is out of print, you may provide a printed copy, provided you attach a completed “STATEMENT OF LEGAL USE OF MUSIC SCORE COPY” found on the last page of the 2019 rules.


Please respect all performers for the day. Help us by:

  • never entering or exiting performance venues when a performance is in progress
  • remaining quiet during performances (refrain from candy wrapper noise, paper shuffling, etc.)
  • please, bringing no infants or toddlers under the age of five in the performance area
  • recording/filming only your own family member, and never someone from whom you have not received permission to record
  • dressing appropriately for performance
    avoiding direct contact with the judge except when handing or retrieving music scores
  • handing your open book(s) to the judge when your name is called, page open to the relevant place, according to desired performance order
  • taking your music again from the judge when he or she has finished written commentary


  • awards will be distributed 15-25 minutes immediately following the conclusion of a division
  • awards will be conducted in the lower level (downstairs from the Chapel) inside the Sacred Heart Center

Please be respectful of the music, the process, the performers (who have worked so hard), the judges and organizers. All results of the day of the festival are final. Please refrain from any hostility towards either the adjudicators or organizers due to results. The SIPF reserves the right to exclude disrespectful performers and teachers from future events. Please help us to make the 2019 Bach Festival enjoyable and memorable.

Last of all, we are proud to announce our upcoming adjudicators for the 2019 Bach Festival: Ms. Helena Azevedo, Dr. Charrise Baldoria, Ms. Andrea DeGreiff-Beisser, and Dr. Julia Hwakyu Lee.

Please help us to make this a celebration about music. We look forward to hearing your performances on September 29!

SIPF directors