The deadline for the online Classical Viennese Festival approaches. There are yet two more days to complete an application by the 11:59 pm, Sunday, March 14 deadline. Video links can be submitted until the end.

As last-minute entries are prepared for submission, a few common mistakes can forfeit eligibility:

  • Complete Entries. Entries that are incomplete or provide inaccurate data are deleted. Double check your entries!
  • No Confirmation Email. Glitches can and do happen. Seldomly, participants’ entries are not accepted due to missing fields, timing out, etc. If you do not receive a confirmation email immediately after applying, your entry was not received. SIPF takes no responsibility for transmission errors.
  • Incorrect Category. Participants often select the incorrect category or submit a work that is ineligible due to style period parameters. Read the rules thoroughly. Entries applying to incorrect categories may be rejected. Double check the info you included (displayed in your confirmation email).
  • Missing Work Info. Entries that do not have complete catalogue numbers of works, tonalities, and movement headings can be rejected.

To repeat, always read rules completely, particularly category and division requirements and inadmissible works.