2010 Contemporary Festival Results

Category A(ages 7 and under)

First Place: Nicole Yang
Second Place: Dylan Xu
Third Place: Emily Xu
Honorable Mentions: Sophia Beams, Cara Marie Conforti, Sena Hove

Category B(ages 8-9)

First Place: Jonathan Staley
Second Place: Adrian Fan
Third Place: Dorothy Lu
Honorable Mentions: Henry Gao, Deanna Han, Erica Li, Angela Shi

Category C(ages 10-11)

First Place: Alexander Lu
Second Place (split): Tiger Lee, Millicent McFall
Third Place: Tiffany Shen
Prize for the Best African Repertoire: Leah Deobald
Prize for the Best Avant-Garde Work: Emma Rubingh
Honorable Mentions: Carmen Conforti, Jason Dan, Christina Ding, Tasha Mok,

Category D(ages 12-13)

First Place: Christopher Lu
Second Place: Michael Liang
Third Place (split): Noela Lu, Maia Stiber

Category E(ages 14-15)

First Place (split): Timothy Beuca, Amy Yang
Second Place: Alex Donka

Category F(ages 16-19)

First Place: Karsten Gimre*
Second Place (split): Shin Chang, Han Lee

Category G(amateur)

First Place: Chelsey Glasson
Second Place: Sharon Cornish-Martin
Third Place: Su Hyon Kim

*Winner of the Leng Tshua scholarship prize of $250