The SIPF congratulates each and every performer who put forth their hard work, passion, and dedication, often re-recording their selections a dozen times or more to present the best of themselves. Behind every great performance, not only is there a dedicated pupil or aspiring artist, there is a family to provide the support, and also a nurturing teacher. Therefore, every congratulatory remark we dispense goes to all three corners of the triangle of success. Bravissimi tutti!

Regardless of the prize one may have received, we recognize the energy and work from every participant. You are all an inspiration to the organizers and the adjudicators, who have expressed their admiration regarding your efforts, and who have thoroughly enjoyed their survey of the video recordings. Once we distribute the awards and comments, we hope that you will each have learned something valuable from the experience. However, do not rest easy if you have left with a gold medal! Those awarded beneath your level today are all the more determined to work harder, where winners often in their satisfaction let languor set in.

Our Thanks To our Adudicators

We hope you will join us in thanking our five adjudicators for this year’s festival for their expertise and ears. Thank you to Drs. JinHee Kim, Julia Lee, Nicole Narboni, Ross Salvosa, and Xiting Yang! We wish we could have given the heroes’ celebration you all deserve.

A Note About Award Distribution

In the coming 2-4 weeks, the NW Festival committee will collate and prepare the final diplomas, medals, and comment sheets for distribution. We will announce the distribution protocols at that time in a future message. In general, expect the following:

  1. Participants whose teachers reside in King County, Washington State will have their materials collected under a single file folder in their teacher’s name. Once we disclose the location of the pickup, you will have four weeks for a proxy from the named studio to pick up materials by that time. After the close of the four week window, any unclaimed materials will be recycled.
  2. Participants whose teachers reside outside of this area, but live in the United States, will have their materials mailed (a) directly to the teacher, or (b) directly to the participant in the case that he or she does not currently work with a teacher, or said teacher had only one participant in the festival. You will be provided with a tracking number.
  3. International participants will be assessed a separate delivery charge, after which time his or her materials will be couriered to the address showing on the application form. You will be provided with a tracking number.

Be on the lookout for this message between April 9 and April 23.

The Winners

Please join us in congratulating our 2021 Classical Viennese Participants!