We wish to thank all participants, families, and most of all, teachers, for allowing the Classical Viennese Festival to take place in digital format.

Art and music focuses and amplifies the human spirit. There is no better time nor greater need for this expression than now. It breaks down division, binds us together, and lifts us up. We are all in this together, and music is something in which all may participate. Take time out in the days ahead for music, whether it is listening or playing, and continue to support interest.

We applaud the families and especially the participants’ teachers who are doing exactly that. We also thank our adjudicators, Ms. Renny Ko, Dr. KookHee Hong, Dr. Minji Noh, and Dr. Stephen Pierce. We appreciate your expertise, improvisatory skill in dealing with new obstacles, and efforts to listen to the many entries and provide your commentary.

This year, with the lack of a physical event venue, we may have missed on some of the closer contact we usually enjoy. We have asked our adjudicators to select a few performers from their array to be recipients in the SIPF Excellence in Musical Arts. These few will be invited to perform at a later date as winners. Since a date is unknown at this point, we will allow these wonderful performers to select anything they are working on at the time that fits within the time allotment for their category.

More information will be forthcoming about this special winners event. Congratulations to:

Marina Barnes
Sandra Baumgarten
Gianna Chau
Karis Chiang
Anna Fitzgerald
Ethan Fong
David Gatien
Ethan Go
Nicole Hu
Aparna Srinidhi Jagannathan
Rachel Jung
Grace Kaiboriboon
Lucas Lee
Moriah Lee
Grace Li
Eric Yuze Ma
Ivy Mo
Anastasiya Netchaeva
Avery Pun
Anika Samuel
Yechong (Eric) Shan
Donovan To
Anna Wang
Carolyn Wang
Dana Wang
Jeffrey Zhao
Moxi Zhu

Stay tuned for changes to the Virtuoso Festival, which will convert to a similar digital format. Due to the current situation, it may take us longer to get awards, comment sheets and other materials to teachers from the review of entries. For complete results, visit our 2020 Winners Page.

Stay well and play music!